Hi, Readers!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I’m honored to do this writing for the Lord and so grateful for your readership. I hope you enjoy.

Just to give you a little background on myself…I grew up as a shy, introverted girl in the country who always found solace in books, nature, and dogs. I was blessed to follow my writing dreams when I attended a great local Christian college here in Western Pennsylvania, Geneva College. My professors there did more than teach English. They modeled Christ in a way that sticks with me to this day.

One lesson they stressed and one I return to again and again is: “Have something to say!” A really gifted professor (who was also a minister) said she wanted to write, but she had nothing to say! I was stunned. I admired her so much, but her talent was teaching. For some reason, that comment always lingered in my mind…probably because I knew it to be true. And I wanted to have something to say.

I went on to work for the local newspaper, reporting and proofreading man’s news. (As if that were something to say.) Then God grabbed my attention with a shattering turn of events—central vision loss in my mid-thirties. I could no longer work for the paper.

Although I knew ABOUT God all my life, I avoided a total commitment to Him out of fear. I told myself the lie that I was OK with God because I was a good person. And I went to church. Sound familiar? However, since I’d gone to Geneva, I had THE TRUTH lodged in my heart. So eventually, I stopped running.

Many years and battles with God later, He has again reminded me of my writing dreams, the truth about Him, and my professor’s remark to “Have something to say.” Trust me, friends. I have nothing of value to say on my own. It is only God working through my struggles that produces any writing of significance.

And my hope is that you will join me on this journey with God, with the help of The Holy Spirit, as I attempt to live out my professor’s advice.

Thanks again for readmg and remember:  It’s never too late to join us on This Abiding Walk!

Journey Along…


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