“And this story has been widely circulated among the Jews to this very day.” 
—Matthew 28:15

Some stories are very old, indeed, and the fact that they are not true does not hinder their circulation. Like the one referenced above, about Jesus’ disciples stealing the body of Christ while the guards slept.

On the flip side, we love a new story. And true stories rock!

It seems like we never tire of a good story—at least I don’t. That’s why I wrote an essay about the power of stories and how they unite us. 

It’s posted on a friend’s blog, and this friend is actually a former professor of mine from Geneva College. What a gift it’s been to be re-connected with her in recent months. She’s a true inspiration:  a retired Fine Arts & Humanities Professor, an active visual artist, a writer…and OH! Did I mention that she happens to be blind??

Yeah, well it’s only slowed her down a little. I remember Lynda as a colorful, energetic, positive, and productive artist about campus. She’s much the same today! Still making art and submitting her writing to various publications. And encouraging former students to follow their passions.

Check out  “United by Stories” on the SCANdalous Blog:
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